Tuesday, 6 October 2009
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How do I start a post again?
I suppose I'll say:


Sorry for coming and going like stupid allergies. I don't have the time in term 3 and now term FOUR of the year. Okay, maybe I do. But I don't have the mood. My mood controls everything. So, don't be irritated if I suddenly stop again. Cos' there are a ton of other things I have to do right now and a bigger mount everest of things that I'm going to do after EOYs. Cos', y'know, y'know? It's so BOOMZ.

Heh(: Maybe I should just post this entire post in Ris Low language. I won't get sued, would I?(: Haha. But you guys might not be able to comprehend it. I meeen like, I cood not udderstann when she says ''I worr a bigginni and jins and STRUTTEDDZZ down orchard road''.

So I won't. (:

I'll write down a list of the things I WILL do after EOYs :D

-Sleep in when it's raining heavily (something I decided shall be on my list this morning)
-Finish my set of mini playing cards(that contribute to global warming ==")
-Complete my set of characters for my attempt of drawing a comic! :D
-Watch 9! Tim Burton movies rock my sockses.
-Go on a killer movie/drama/cartoon series marathon with Shannon, Rachel and WengLin :D
-to be continued. :D

Thursday, 9 July 2009
Yaye... I'm updating again!(:
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The three stupid little tubes were in my bloody bag the whole freaking time and I forgot. Damn. And Soof made me promise that I would donate triple as much the next time MGS has another donation drive. D:

Today was filled with ups and downs. Like an invisible rollercoaster ride. Hmm...

Managed to copy some answers for the life sciences worksheet from The Great Nanditha. She's great because she always has things I need. It's amazing.
Mundane lessons.
Changed into swimming costume...
Changed out of swimming costume...
Come home.

Course' there were a lot of other happenings which I will tell you lovely people right now. I got downgraded to Beginners for swinging my arms too far back when I swam. Lol. Still laughing about it a bit. It's not my fault I have long arms, is it? Theirs are all too short and stubby and look like tree branches. Except fatter and without bark.

I gave MeMe my three (unnecessary) new tubey things because she lost hers even though I wasn't sure whether mine were still at home. :x Well, they weren't. They were in my bag the whole time. :l I found that out when I came home. Rawr.

I shall do my homework noww. Science, math, all that.
Thursday, 2 July 2009
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I AM FINALLY UPDATING. So you guys better tag or I might just stop posting again. :l

Doing that dumb geography mindmap now. Instructions were totally unclear much. Still need to do that other mindmap about Vitamins =.= and that good sentences in the shi yue.

Some ranting and PomPon pics coming up.

Baby pompon(:

Another! Baby pompon(:

Pompon eating corn(:
Pompon popping out of a transparent present box!(:
Life's a bitch. And so are you.
I can't end anything, because if I do, I'll go to hell.
Which I might be headed to anyways, for being who I am.
Thursday, 11 June 2009
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Oh wow. Haven't updated in like a million years. My tagboard actually stayed at the 2nd of june for at least a week. Until my birthday came along and everybody was all 'Happy birthday! :D' and I was like, 'Oh, I forgot to thank them on my blog.' So, yeah, doin' it now.


LOL. That 'thanks' includes everything. Like, the wishing, the gifts and angbaos(to my family, I guess if they secretly read my blog. To friends too who have got me gifts which they shouldn't have >:l ), uhh.., the posting on their blogs-ing. Yeah. Everything. And this is to EVERYONE. Even those who didn't remember or didn't even know which doesn't really make much sense but, heck, I just feel like doing it. Yeap(: Thanks.

SO. The Merc came in yesterday and it's so awesome(: You can actually make calls while your bluetooth is on and you'll be able to listen to it on using hte car's sound system ;D The black leather seats are awesummmm. I especially like the little Mercedes sign sticking out on the front of the car thing.(: Hopefully, nobody knocks it off to melt and earn a few extra bucks because that would be ILLEGAL and not to mention, FROWNED UPON. (:

I'm rotting at home now. With my homework. No wait. They're not rotting. Not until I finish'em. Which sucks. And I actually find amusement in Pokemon now. LOL. I'm playing it on my ds. Which I think is kind a geeky since I'm not twelve anymore. But who cares.

Oh yeah, now that I'm officially 13, is this the part where I start having really deep thoughts about life and such? Even deeper ones that I'm already having? Lol. Nevermind. Don't answer this question. Don't.
Friday, 29 May 2009
What a crappy last day. Rawr.
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RESTAURANT CITY IS DOWN!DD: Like what the hell do they expect me to do while their off "trying to bring it up as soon as possible"? And when I can finally get a network connection with it tooooooo. Stupid.

Well, it was a stunningly horrible last day. We did a lame and boring poem infront of the whole of secondary one. Shan't talk about it or I might just spew out a bad word. But discovered that talking to Shannon, MeMe, WengLin and Rachel is really REALLY funneh:B All their jokes have to do with pink and is so dramatic. And the endings just make you want to slap them but you laugh to much, you can't. We played What's that Animal and The Connection Game. Full of random random stuff. Listened to WengLin do amazing things with her voice. Like sing Fergalicious with her stitch-voice. Awesome.

I'm so behind mummy's homework. She's going to scold me when she comes back, hopefully swine-free. And this is like, one of the busiest holidays I've ever had. I never had to go out with so many people in one month before(: It feels uber awesummm. And sckish at the same time cos' I have to go out. And push homework behind even further. :l Bleagh. I'm such a toot.

I shall post one picture and one picture only.
Oh dear, how do I get down?
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
I neeeeedddd sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp
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I've found some more pictures that are I guess are considered cute.. But aren't as cute as the first few PomPon ones. :l So sorry. But you'll have to deal with this until I seriously find some awesome ones.

You can always count on Christmas. *wink*

It's a tea partehh!!

PomPon has b-e-a-utiful hair(:

Karine is apparently PomPon's biggest fan. .___.

Sweet little PomPon(:

I'm sooo tired. The fear of having ginormous ants crawling on you and having a plant disease spread to you can really tire someone out. So I won't post much. But at least I put some pictures!(:
Friday, 22 May 2009
I found me new superstars!! (:
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Heyho!(: I found not just ONE new furball superstar, but THREE new furball superstars! They are:
Bu - Her full name's actually Buleczka. Weird, I know. (x
Balbi - Balbinka(: Not a hamster.
Poi - Piorko ;D White. And skin disease-looking but cute.

Bu,''I don't like you.''

Pio,''I don't like you too.''

''Let's be turtles together!'' -crawl crawl crawl-

Bu,''Oh. Cake.''

Bu and Balbi,''Heh?''

Bu,''I'll have this nut in my side and you have your nut on your side.''

(: No Pompon today. BECAUSE. I'll give an answer, not like Edlyn, who just leaves the question hanging there. BECAUSE: I'm sick of posting only PomPon pictures. >.> Okay, fine, I'll give y'all just ONE.
PomPon,''I book this hammyburger.''
Fridays are Fridays. Boring.
Mummy asked me in the car today what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said,''Nothing.''